Today I went on a walk with the group I belong to, we should have been walking up to the ‘breche de Roland” the right angled rock on the top right hand side of the photo a place I have always wanted to walk to. It is a breach in the ridge which forms the border between France and Spain with a pathway leading across the divide, legend has it it was made from a blow from the sword of the giant ‘Roland’.

When we drove up to the ski station where we were to set off it was blowing a gale, at least 50 kph with bigger gusts and freezing, we decided to go lower and do a different walk, which was a wise move. we walked along the valley away from the cirque dropping down to the road and walking back into the village and finally back to the cars. It was a good day but being the only ‘Anglais’ has it’s communication problems, everyone speaks very fast to each other but I do get the gist of what they are saying some of the time. They are all very nice and try to include me in the conversation.

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