Autumn colours

Natures autumnal colours are here and the leaves are beginning to fall, the  type of stones in the wall are everywhere in the ground left behind I imagine by retreating glaciers in the ice age. All of the older houses including ours are built in this way.

We had the most bizarre dining experience for a long time last night, we had been to Pau for some new windows and called in at a Chinese buffet restaurant on the way back it was fairly empty and ordered drinks just as we started eating it was raided by the police, around 15 in total mostly in plainclothes with guns on their hips!  The owners a middle aged Chinese were taken into the back whist the poor waitress turned customers away. No-one told us to leave so we just carried on eating, we soon gave up hope of having hot food from the wok but managed to dive into the buffet!

After a while the owner came out on the arm of a policeman tried to apologize to his customers but was bundled away to give his keys to the waitress, I heard him say “gratuit’ so when we went to pay it was indeed free. We don’t expect it to be open next time we pass.

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