Great glass

I have just a brought back to France from the UK some lenses a best friend and brother in law and I bought together along with a medium format 120 film camera. Mike died four years ago who had a future as a great photographer, we had both moved over to digital and eventually Canon 5d’s, the lenses and camera had been stored away in a wardrobe and forgotten for some time. I found an adapter on ebay it  arrived this morning shipped from Hong Kong. They are east german Carl Zeiss lenses and fantastic quality, I remember the images they produced on film were superb. This photo was taken with the 180mm f 2.8, I will try them out over the next few days. I expect the images will be quite soft, of course no auto focus which is no problem I turn that off quite a lot anyway. I will have to go back to estimating the exposure which won’t be a bad thing either.

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