Aborted battery search

This is an image I took a few days ago of our village at sunset.

The battery has expired on the Toyota MR2, I should have known it would not be listed on the chart in the store and no-one had ever heard of one and were not very helpfull, I know I should have measured the battery and copied the details of the amperage etc. So I will have to go back tomorrow, will I never learn?

Just had to stop the car and take this photograph of the hillside in the Barronies district of the Pyrenees today a delightful little area just south Of Tourney.

The Andy Warhol exhibition was ok, I didn’t expect too much, the last one I saw was at the Tate modern so a small venue in south west France didn’t put on too bad a show.

bulb planting time

It has finally stopped raining after a solid 48hours, almost sunny again so heading for the mountains tomorrow, there is a Andy Warhol exhibition on in a old Abbey up there,  also got my tickets for Eric Bibb in Marciac, you have to grab these things when they come around.

French Lessons today, Karen has abandoned her class, new students have started and class has gone back to basics again, she has been offered one in Mirande but I can’t see her taking it up, we shall have to look for alternatives.

Bulbs still on offer more planting to be done.


Logs, what else?

I thought the ends of these logs would make an interesting photo I have been watching the ends split over the last week or so into spidery patterns.

I have spent the day sitting here browsing the internet for things I cannot afford, trying out stuff on Photoshop and submitting my second assignment for my Photography course which is turning out to be very interesting and challenging. It does not let you print off the next module until you have submitted the last so it’s all a bit of a suprise. It is a combination of new stuff, things I knew a bit about, but hardly anything I can say ‘I knew all of that’ and I thought I knew quite a bit.  So all good stuff so far.

Well that’s it I suppose the lost dog is staying here end of the denial! Still no name yet Karen came up with something tonight that I dismissed out of hand because I was busy making dinner  and trying to listen to PM on R4 and she had just come in from being out all day and was rambling on and on, so I will continue to call her Gnasher after Dennis the menace’s dog in the Beano. To celebrate our exit from the fence, I have taken a new celebratory photo of  ‘AKA Gnasher’ so we have two photos today.

Oh it seems you can’t do two photographs so you will have to use your imagination