There’s snow on the horizon

A frosty start led to wonderful warm day today we sat outside at 4pm and enjoyed the autumn sunshine, tonights starry sky has given us another cold night. The snow on the Pyrenees has been building up over the last few weeks soon all the tops will be pure white again.

I braved the hornets and pruned the vine that covers the front of the house, I made juice from some of the grapes that were left although I am not sure it was worth the effort.


Basque drummers

The weather today has been foul so I stopped indoors and started to sort out my photographs, they are in a mess I have deleted loads but more will have to go, I don’t need 7000+

Todays good news is FC united have qualified for the 1st round of the FA cup, they beat Barrow AFC 1-0 and now play Rochdale on November the 6th, the whole of the south west France supporters group are making the trip to the match.

Fête du Piment à Espelette

We have been to the Fête du Piment à Espelette today with John and Patsy, a great day out on another warm and sunny day. I last went about four years ago and the fete has certainly grown in size and turned into a food lovers delight, the only downside to the wonderful food on offer was alas the price, good job there was an ATM in the town. We bought amongst other things a small piece of cheese at €32 a Kilo we will eat it sparingly.

digging is good for the soul

Another wonderful autumn warm sunny day, been digging and weeding the veg patch after clearing the last of the plants, there is something very satisfying about digging and clearing weeds ending up with clean black soil ready for  re-planting.

Todays image is of a field in lafitole, they have just harvested the Maize, the crop in this field is going after being dried to feed their ducks for fois gras, it was old variety of white maize to keep the livers white.

Employment opportunity

John and I thought over several pints of Murphys tonight that it would benefit the patron of the bar, as we were the only customers all evening to just give us the keys and let us serve ourselves.  A cold wet day today so a good excuse to laze around and follow the depressing US mid term elections, and the even more depressing spending review on the internet.

“Asian hornets terrorise French”

If the poor bees didn’t have enough to worry about along comes the Asian hornet, the title of todays blog is a quote from the Daily telegraph online in August 2009, the Asian hornet is supposed to have arrived in a consignment of imported pots from Asia into southern France in 2007, it is a ferocious killer of bees.  The Image shows one hanging around the entrance to the hive, once inside a handfull can kill off 30,000 bees in a few hours. Unlike Asian bees European bees do not have the defences to kill them, so all we can do is set traps for them, block the entrance as small as possible and hope for the best.

wood pile

French lesson today but started this morning by feeling ill and not wanting to get up, I was not “en forme” and could hardly remember my name never mind when to use the imparfait or the passe compose, but half term next week so no lessons until November.

Colder today with clear skies but when you were in the sun it was warm and pleasant, 6 deg tonight brrrrr.

Karen was burning stuff at the bottom of the garden when I got home, all the thing tidied up and cut down during the year, the image is of the old wood pile it has been lying in the garden for so long it has rotted and is pretty useless for burning in the house, I  think I will leave most of it for insects to live in and feed on.