The wrong kind of weather forecast

We have just returned from a pleasant trip up to Edinburgh, despite the weather keeping Billy Bragg from getting to his concert in Glasgow after we had braved the train journey over there, we did manage to see my daughter Rachel on Sunday evening an Karen’s son Bryan for a few days which made theContinue reading “The wrong kind of weather forecast”

Linotype works, it certainly did

Known locally as the Lino, the Linotype works in Broadheath Altrincham which opened at the end of the 19th century produced machines that  revoltionized  newspaper printing. Invented by a German watchmaker in the United States the machine produced whole lines of type speeding up the composing process, before the invention no newspaper in the worldContinue reading “Linotype works, it certainly did”

Bridgewater, Brindley and Lord Foster

Affectionately known as the “Dukes Cut” the Bridgewater Canal was the first canal built in the UK that didn’t follow an original watercourse. It opened on 17th July 1761 to take the duke of Bridgewater’s coal to Manchester and a later route through Cheshire to the Staffordshire Potteries. It was built under the guidance ofContinue reading “Bridgewater, Brindley and Lord Foster”

It will be all over by Christmas II

Another milestone in the story of FC united  of Manchester, they drew  today 1-1 with Brighton a team 95 places above them in the English league structure. We watched the live game on television at a cricket club in Flixton. The club were only allocated 845 tickets to the game, Brighton prefering to leave theirContinue reading “It will be all over by Christmas II”

It will be all over by Christmas

Sarah, Olly and I went tonight to watch FC United in a charity match against a local team whose ground was next to a group of houses which were completly destroyed in a recent gas explosion, the proceeds were to go to the families who had lived there. There was two television crews and severalContinue reading “It will be all over by Christmas”