Due to an unfortunate mishap in the transmission of an email between Alyth and Blairgowerie, (Perhaps they were held up at one of the temporary traffic lights that seem to be popping up everywhere) my sky photographs were not presented in this morning zoom meeting of Alyth Photographic club, so here they are.

Taken last Saturday from the shore of Loch Ness, view from the Abbey at Fort Augustus looking towards Inverness.

This was the second of two recent visits there after not visiting in 20 months, we have put our apartment up for sale again, it has been rented out to staff and sadly in a bit of a state. We checked on the progress of it being put back in order by the management team, which seemed to be going very well.

Church Lafitole France

This is a photo I took some while ago of the church opposite my old house in France, The street lights go off at midnight leaving the village in complete darkness at certain times of the month. I had an idea to go and take some long exposure photographs. I cant remember what exposure it was 20-30 seconds possibly.

Abandoned house on Skye Scotland

This photograph i took on Skye some time ago, I loved the house and the tree against the white cloud.

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