Happy new year

A happy new year to everyone, I have been feeling a bit under the weather this week so it has been an ideal opportunity to laze in front of the fire and watch television, we are slowly making our way through the box set of ‘Cracker’, I worked for British Gas around Didsbury in Manchester when the series was being filmed. I had watched some of the episodes before but not all of them. I have been driving Karen mad by pointing out that ‘I passed by when they filmed that’, ‘that extra in the backgound is a friend of mine’ ‘that’s such and such street’. The gas boiler that exploded in the second episode was given to a friend of mine by his brother in law who worked at Granada studios, we installed it for a friend of his and hopefully it is providing them with heat and hot water still. The scene I am waiting for is the two stars Robbie Coltraine and Ricky Tomlinson driving down Princess Parkway with a gas van alongside with me staring at them out of the window, I bet they cut it out.


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