Dog walking in the Pyrenees and other ramblings

We decided to get out more as part of our latest attempt to reverse the weight I at least have gained over the last 12 months. I was convinced I had lost weight since the two dogs  arrived and I was walking at least 40 minutes a day so I was a bit shocked when I discovered on weighing myself for the first time in months that I had indeed been putting it on. So yesterday we drove down beyond Lourdes to a pretty village where it took a while to find the start of the walk. so as time was getting on we decided or rather i decided to take a short cut which turned out to be rather steeper than the original route. It turned out ok in in the end and we had a good walk through the woods and back down again to the village where we had a  late picnic lunch. We will go out next week when I am instructed to find a walk involving less hills and more flat bits.

The photo is of one of the deserted barns or dwellings along the route, this was the only one with a door the others had fallen down with only the walls partially still standing.





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