A busy old time all in all

I have not been blogging for a while it has been a hectic time, a trip to England where our feet didn’t seem to hit the ground, driving a thousand miles without really going anywhere,  however we achieved what we went for with a slightly different outcome than we expected. We were glad to be back home and relaxing again when it became clear we would have to drive to Portugal to collect Karen’s grandchildren and their father. We drove there and back around 3000 km in 36 hours something I never want to do again, then yesterday we drove 6 hours to Carassonne and back to take them to the airport for their flight back to England. We are looking forward to a normal few weeks before we go off again back to Seville in Spain for Karen’s 50th birthday.

Spring is here, the first swallow flew into the barn today it does not seem that long since they flew south with their chicks, it quite took me by suprise. It is hovering between warm and chilly during the day I can never decide whether to put my coat on when I take the dogs for a walk but usually opt to do so, it feels good to get the winter over with.

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