Christmas eve

A day for slouching around if you can get away with it,  I have hung up some pictures we have bought back from Manchester and not much else. I had better at some point wrap up Karen’s presents. She knows what they are as she bought them, I did however make the effort of being with her when she bought some of them, at least she has got what she wanted.

It has been a dull day (ideal for slouching),  but might make an effort and go for a walk before dark, we have oysters for dinner it’s a french tradition on new years eve. I bought 24 thinking there was only twelve in the box, Karen’s not that keen so I am wondering if the dogs will like some.

The image is of Lafitole by the way, our house is just behind the houses on the ridge.

One thought on “Christmas eve

  1. Love your blog, Merry Christmas to you and Karen. The O’Keefe clan is gathering at my sister Kathi’s house, we are all spending the night (18 of us). Tomorrow we will go to Carol’s house for dinner. Got a little snow so the kids can go sledding. Skating is OK here too, pretty cold, beautiful actually.

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