A depressing camping trip

Oh what a joy to be back in England, after a good trip back through France we arrived at the hotel in Kent which was surrounded by fast food joints and a cinema, Karen insisted we eat at ‘Frankie and Bennys’, she had eaten there before and liked the food. Both our meals were less than average and overcooked even after me asking them not to do so, we were told that health and safety rules required them to cook food well done, it’s a sad day when the enjoyment of food is dictated by corporate lawers. We then went to the cinema to watch the latest Harry Potter movie, I have never been a fan but Karen bless her is, I can only describe the film as a story of three grumpy teenagers on a depressing camping trip around The UK, its only saving grace was the stunning scenery including Malham cove in Yorkshire a place I have visited many times and have fond memories shared in far more congenial company than Harry and his chums. I could not understand why they just didn’t walk slowly down to Malham village down a few pints of black sheep bitter and all would have been well with the world, it always worked for me. PS. Karen thought it was boring too.

Todays Image is of Archie and Helen his nan, he is my great nephew and I met him for the 1st time today, he is a delightful little chap his great auntie Katy would have loved him.

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