Looking for Eric II

We went to a concert in Marciac tonight to see the American blues singer Eric Bibb, someone I have wanted to see for a long time. I smiled and had a tear in my eye all the way through, Karen had never heard of him before but was bowled over and became an instant fan.

3 thoughts on “Looking for Eric II

  1. Hi Andy

    It looks like we have at least 2 things in common. Love of photography and enjoyment of Eric Bibb’s music. Love the photo of Eric, no doubt signing CD’s after the show, with his tour manager, Sari, somewhere close by opening the CD wrappers.

    I know Eric & Sari personally, they are wonderful people. Great to hear that Karen is an instant fan.

    I had a look at your photo’s and enjoyed them very much. I really relate to your choice of subject matter, architecture, close up of patterns (repetitions), colour (or lack of it) and of course landscapes (loved that Welsh hillside with the hint of a rainbow).



  2. Hi Andy

    Eric Bibb has just been in town (Sydney) as part of his Australian tour. He’s accompanied by Staffan Astner, a great guitarist from Sweden. Check out my site http://judijenkins.me for some pics of their gigs in Sydney (Enmore Theatre) and Lizottes and dinner with us at home. We took Staffan out fishing today, no fish caught, oh well. I guess that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching!

    I see that Eric has a couple of gigs in France towards the end of May.


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